Brian Booker
Veteran game designer, producer and creative leader.

Portfolio Summary

Here is a copy of my portfolio summary. Obviously, in each case, this is a massive team effort, often with between 20 and 100 highly talented developers across all disciplines working together to craft an amazing experience for players.

For my part, as lead designer, design director and/or producer, I was instrumental in establishing the vision, core game play, game systems, UI-UX, story and characters, and content of the game – ensuring that these elements were properly designed, balanced, implemented and iterated on with the team to be great.

This often involved amazing designers, engineers and artists on my team taking the core ideas and constraints that I set and putting their own unique mark on the concepts.

And in other cases, which I can provide, I wholly owned a system, UI or content from concept to final publishing. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and owning aspects of the product as well as high level direction – I think it keeps me in touch with my craft, the holistic design and the a step closer to the personal experiences of the player.

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